StructureScan Mini XT

The StructureScan Mini XT is GSSI’s newest generation of their very popular all-in-one GPR systems. The StructureScan Mini XT offers a 2.7 GHz antenna for superior target resolution and can reach depths of 20 inches (50 cm). Ideal for locating rebar, conduits, post-tension cables, voids and real time determination of concrete slab thickness.


  • Scan3D – Revolutionary three-dimensional x-ray like image with five view points
  • Scan – Visualize two perpendicular 2D profiles in a 3D format
  • DualScan – Compare two parallel 2D profiles in raw or focus mode
  • Locate ferrous and non-ferrous targets (rebar, stainless steel, plastic conduit)in real-time
  • User-friendly, intuitive navigation
  • Ability to see multiple rebar layers within concrete
  • Automatic dielectric calculation
  • Four wheel drive survey encoder
  • Data is displayed on a 6.5″ HD touchscreen (1024×768) display
  • Locate and mark targets quickly with backup cursor feature and innovative laser positioning
  • Lightweight and simple to transport, all-in-one unit weights about three pounds
  • Transfer data with ease, data stored on flash card
  • No periodic calibration necessary
  • Built-in automatic target detection software
  • Left and right hand orientation
  • No site hazards or need to close off work areas as with radiography (X-Ray)
  • Durable components that have been tested to be dust proof and water- resistant

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Daily    Weekly    Prep Fee   
$180 $900 $100
  • Premium features, entry-level price
    The StructureScan Mini XT is the perfect blend of performance and price. Add system accessories to enhance survey capabilities and efficiency.
    • StructureScan Mini XT - feature1
      High Frequency, High Resolution Concrete Antenna

      The StructureScan Mini XT employs a new 2.7 GHz antenna that provides excellent near surface resolution while also maintaining the ability to resolve deeper targets.

    • StructureScan Mini XT - feature 2
      Enhanced Data Visualization

      Get first-in-class data visualization with a state-of-the-art 6.5 inch HD touchscreen user interface and different operation modes.

      Operation modes include: QuickScan to collect 2D data with the push of one button, ScanMax to access advanced options, and Scan3D to use as a 3D building scanner.

    • StructureScan Mini XT - feature 3
      Accessories for Advanced Capabilities

      Incorporated into the design are three accessory ports that allow the use of several add-on accessories including the Palm XT, LineTrac XT, and an extension pole.


    • All-in-one control unit, 2700 MHz antenna and survey wheel combined
    • Dual battery charger
    • Two batteries
    • Rugged carrying case
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Training Video
    • Sample 3D data collection grid pack

    The Extension Pole and LineTrac specifically designed for the Mini XT can be rented and are both available separately!


    • Memory: 14.5 GB
    • Display: 6.5″ HD touchscreen (1024×768)
    • Post-processing: On-screen
    • Battery: 2.5 hours
    • Ports: SD card, USB port
    • Environmental: Water-resistant and dust proof IP 65 rating
    Typical uses for StructureScan Mini XT include:
    • Concrete inspection – locate metallic and non-metallic targets in walls, floors and ceilings
    • Structure inspection – bridges, monuments, walls, towers, tunnels, balconies, garages, decks
    • Condition assessment – map relative concrete condition for rehab planning
    • Measure slab thickness
    • Void location

    More information: StructureScan Mini XT Series Brochure

    Price: Please contact us for a price

    2700 MHz
  • Additional Information

    Weight 19.2 lbs
    Dimensions 20 × 16 × 9 in
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