Envirosight Rovver-X

High Definition CCTV Pipe Robot 6”-24” – First Available unit in AZ, one of the only available for rent in the US

  • Agile: Steerable 6-wheel drive maneuvers past obstacles
  • Smart: Operate, measure and code on a touchscreen interface
  • Scalable: Perform side-scanning, laser profiling, and lateral launch
  • Efficient: Maximize your uptime, productivity and return-on-investment

*Available with Ford Transit Connect vehicle – Inquire for pricing

Call us at (480) 788-9849 to check availability

Daily    Weekly    Monthly   
$1k $6,200 $15,990



  • Sewers are Unforgiving.

    Fortunately, ROVVER X gives you the capability to meet punishing challenges head-on.

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