Ridgid SR-20 Utility Scanner

Achieve Faster, More Accurate Locates with Confidence

Lightweight yet rugged, the RIDGID SeekTech SR-20 Underground Locator provides utility-locating professionals with the information needed to effectively determine the position of underground utilities. Its omnidirectional antennas measure electromagnetic signals and calculate the signal’s orientation strength, depth and degree of distortion or interference. For added on-the-job confidence, the utility locator features a target line and guidance arrows that quickly identify distortion to avoid mismarking. Information is displayed on the large LCD screen and via multidimensional audio cues for an intuitive experience.

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  • Meets FCC Class A and EN 55022 Class A requirements.

    Includes RIDGID SeekTech SR-20 Locator ideal for underground utility location, package of 3 NaviTrack mark chips, SeekTech SR-20/SR-24 rugged carrying case (22173), 4 C-cell batteries, instructional DVD, and operator’s manual

    RIDGID locating receivers feature an easy-to-use visual mapping display that allows you to locate utility lines and sondes/beacons with confidence. Use with a SeeSnake camera equipped with a sonde transmitter to locate the camera head during an inspection or use with a line transmitter to find buried utilities. These locators can also find flushable float sondes and remote transmitters attached to a push rod or drain cable.

    The RIDGID 21893 SeekTech Locator is only 3.5 pounds. SeekTech locators provide unprecedented ease-of-use for locating underground pipes. Transmitters can be approached from any direction for faster, more accurate locates thanks to several, multi-directional antennas built into the underground pipe locator capturing the complete signal field.

    Easily locate in-line transmitters such as a SeeSnake, remote transmitters (Sondes), and energized metallic lines with active line traces, passive power trace, passive radio trace, and sonde (beacon) frequencies.

    Easily read the 240 x 160 LCD display to find your equator, poles, and lines and quickly locate.

    The SeekTech SR-20 is ideal for doing almost any underground pipe location, sewer location, line detection, users locating with SeeSnake inspection cameras, and need to locate energized lines.

    Operates with 4 C-Cell batteries that typically last approximately 16 hours.

    SeekTech locator utilizes a large range of standard frequencies:
    Active Line Trace Frequencies*: 128 Hz, 1 kHz, 8 kHz and 33 kHz.

  • Additional Information

    Weight 13.6 lbs
    Dimensions 24 × 18 × 10 in
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