UtilityScan 350HS

The UtilityScan features a wireless and lightweight configuration, patented HyperStacking technology for unparalleled data quality, and integrated LineTrac system. This state-of-the-art system sets the new standard in performance and price.

Compact and Portable

UtilityScan Collapsed

UtilityScan folded for portability

The UtilityScan is incredibly compact.weighing in at only 34 pounds, UtilityScan can collapse to fit in the back of a small vehicle or even in an airline overhead compartment. For survey conditions in rough terrain, the user can remove the handle and wheels and place the capsule into a rugged cart (optional).

HyperStacking and LineTrac

UtilityScan HyerStacking Data

UtilityScan HyperStacking and LineTrac Data

Data illustrates several metallic and non-metallic targets at various depths. Yellow cross hairs identify a water line at 3 feet (1 meter) in depth, blue LineTrac peak indicates the detection of an induced 33 KHz active frequency.

The UtilityScan is typically used to:

  • Scan utilities - metallic and non-metallic
  • Locate water lines
  • Detect voids and underground storage tanks (USTs)
  • Identify soil and foundation characteristics
  • Locate shallow objects for archaeology


  • Max Depth: 10m(35ft)
  • Antenna Frequency: 350 MHz
  • Weight: 15.4 kg(34 lbs)
  • Storage Capacity: 64 GB
  • Optional Software: RADAN 7 for UtilityScan, RADAN 7
  • Accessories: Integrated LineTrac and Sunshade

More Information:UtilityScan Brochure

  • Shipping Weight: Approx 80 pounds
  • Shipping Size: Approx 31 x 25 x 18in

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